How to become productive

What is productivity?

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If we try to make sense using the words included in productivity, it would mean any work or action which results in a product or result. For example when we go to gym every morning which is a work we get a product or result of good health. So simplistic , Is it not?We do work , we get result? But still why in the world people are still lazy and that’s what we are going to discuss in the next paragraph.

What makes people lazy?

Our brain is constantly striving for getting the feel good hormones i.e. dopamine and all. Without dopamine we never do any work. No matter whatever it is. Is it getting complex? In that case let’s make it more simplistic. Each and every animal including humans needs happiness(dopamine) in order to do any work. Now where does happiness comes from? There are multiple sources for happiness including achieving something great, when you get appreciated, etc. But not all the happiness is good for our health and for productivity. Shocking? Let’s discuss some examples in the next paragraph to support our hypothesis.

Useful happiness and harmful happiness

Suppose you are an ordinary student and the next exam is next week. Your dad comes at your room. You are terrified because its unusual. He tells you that if you score above 90 percent, you are going to get your favorite game which you never was able to buy due to lack of money. Your dad leaves. You will be giving your best, studying day and night just for he sake of that game. Check it out? Your productivity level is over 9000. Why did you work hard. You worked hard for the sake of that game which would have given you happiness. So in this case the happiness made you work hard and it made you productive. Do we will refer it as useful happiness.

Now, consider this scenario:

You are young. Filled with energy. But on the way to success, you discovered something. Something dangerous yet attracting. Guess what? It’s porn. You open your phone and within click of a few buttons, wallah! Infinite happiness . Loads of dopamine. You are getting happiness without working hard. So why in the world your brain would go for the happiness which is hard to achieve. There you go. Your productivity level is felling down, its going down and within a short period of time its zero.

Measures you should take to increase productivity

1.Say no to drugs,alcohol,porn or any other substance which gives instant pleasure and which could degrade your productivity.

2.Focus on productive things. like, Hit gym once in a while,Start a reading habit,and many more.

3.If you are addicted to something then leave it for your own good.

A tip you might not know about

If you want to stick with productive things then you can reward yourself with dopamine after completing an achievement. For example you have a work to complete an assignment you have been given. Then you can say to your brain the following words”Hey Mr.Brain, can you please help me not divert my mind. If we together finish this assignment before 8 , then I will reward you with happiness.We will together play the game our dad bought us yesterday.” And then you could yourself get to work.


My work is to inform you about the cons and the pros. The tips and the tricks. And I feel like the information I gave you is correct. Now your work is to get on that seat and get to work.

Still waiting, I said get to work for your own good.



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